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Visa Acquisition Procedure

Due to the strict immigration policy of the Japanese government, every foreign participant is required to acquire a visa by submitting the following materials to the participants’ local Japanese embassy:

  1. Valid passport and visa
  2. Visa application form to enter Japan
  3. Certificate for ERFS registration by the symposium organizer (details are described here
  4. Extra documents for participants from specific countries (described below)

Regarding the certificate for ERFS registration, the organizer requires all onsite participants from foreign countries to submit this form so that the organizer can register the participants on ERFS. The organizer will promptly provide the certificate of ERFS registration as a PDF file when it is ready.

Also, participants from specific countries (at least China) require extra documents including an invitation letter, itinerary in Japan, certificate of residence, letter of guarantee, documents summarizing the symposium, and certificate of employment of the general chair. Please submit this form if you need these documents. Remark that we charge the document posting fee as explained on the registration page because we must send the documents via postal mail. We will start the document preparation when the transaction for the document posting fee is completed.

Each country of the Japanese embassy has a different immigration policy as described on the following page. Meanwhile, the Japanese embassy strongly suggests participants contacting their local Japanese embassy and clarify what materials they need to submit to acquire the visa by participants themselves. Also, the immigration policy of each country of the Japanese embassy occasionally changes. It is important to clarify by participants themselves.