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The GD2022 organization committee is currently preparing the on-site and online hybrid symposium. However, please understand that this may change to an online-only event depending on the future status of the COVID19 infection.

We will suppose three types of registrations:

  • On-site participant (including speaker and audience): At least one speaker per one paper/poster must register as on-site participant if the presentation is on-site.
  • On-line speaker: At least one speaker per one paper/poster must register as on-line speaker if the presentation is on-line.
  • On-line audience:

Please also note the following restrictions on on-site participation in Japan

  1. The Japanese government is currently strictly limiting entry to Japan with a tourist visa. The organization committee will support the visa process for properly registered persons who are worth of attending the conference (e.g., paper presenters, affiliated with research institutions). Details are described on the visa page.

  2. The Tokyo Institute of Technology, which will serve as the venue for GD2022, takes strict measures to prevent infection. All visitors are required to wear masks, and hand washing and disinfection are mandatory.

  3. Tokyo metropolitan region did not approve “dinners of nine or more people” until May 22. This restriction has now been lifted, but it is very likely to reintroduce in the future. Also, some institutes in Japan currently prohibit researchers and students to attend banquets and require to separating banquet fees from the registration fee. Based on this situation, we have decided to EXCLUDE the banquet fee from the registration fee. When we are able to confirm that the banquet is definitely ready to be held, we will charge additional fees for the banquet.