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The GD2022 organization committee is currently preparing the on-site and online hybrid symposium. However, please understand that this may change to an online-only event depending on the future status of the COVID19 infection.

The discount registration fee for online participants will be applied only to the audience. At least one presenter for each paper or poster is required to register as an on-site participant.

Please also note the following restrictions on on-site participation in Japan

  1. the Japanese government is currently strictly limiting entry to Japan with a tourist visa. It is possible that the restrictions may be eased in the future, but we are not optimistic since it is a gradual easing of restrictions. If you need to obtain a visa to enter Japan, the organization committee will send you a set of documents including an invitation letter and itinerary, which you are requested to submit to the Japanese embassy in your country of residence to obtain a visa.

  2. The Tokyo Institute of Technology, which will serve as the venue for GD2022, takes strict measures to prevent infection. All visitors are required to wear masks, and hand washing and disinfection are mandatory.

  3. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government currently does not allow dinners with more than 9 people. Unless this restriction is lifted, banquets cannot be held.